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ESAB Caddy Tig 2200i

Unparalleled performance in a mobile machine for a wide range of TIG and Stick welding applications

  • Designed for quality TIG welding with all types of metals
  • Extremely easy to use – all welding parameters displayed in an easy-to-understand format
  • Innovative QWave™ feature – enables AC welding with exceptional arc stability and low noise
  • AC frequency and balance control – optimizes weld pool
  • Electrode preheating – facilitates excellent starts and extends electrode life
  • ESAB 2-Program function – allows preprogramming and program changes during welding
  • DC Pulsed TIG welding – for easy control of heat input and weld pool
  • DC Micro Pulse – minimizes area affected by heat, particularly when working with thin metals
  • Hot start, Arc force and polarity switch (DC) – create true MMA (Stick) characteristics in AC and DC mode
  • Equipped with large OKC 50 cable connectors – for greater durability
  • Features compact design with impact resistant polymer and aluminum casing – makes the unit lightweight and easy to carry
  • Small size does not compromise vital cooling of internal components
  • Large heat sinks and innovative design make these Caddy™ machines run cooler – promotes longer machine life even when used in harsh environments
  • Designed to keep sensitive interior parts clean and dust free
  • Built in accordance with IP23 for outdoor use, even in wet-weather conditions – makes this machine ideal for on-site work
  • Equipped with a PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit – allows the machine to perform a full range of functions on a 16 A fuse, protects against fluctuating input voltage, and makes it safer to use with a generator

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